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v5.9 Release Notes

Compensate State Fund is Claims Management Software for the purposes of collecting 
and reporting data provided by the Ohio BWC.

Compensate State Fund IS NOT Group Rating Software and SHOULD NOT BE USED
in the formation or management of Employer Groups.

Alton Risk Consulting accepts no liability for the incorrect calculation of employer premium projections or 
conclusions that the end user may reach. 

Compensate SF v5.9e Release Notes
  • Projection tables updated for policy year 2009
  • Employer payment system to help facilitate the BWC 15k program
  • Added the ability to separate large risks for claims management, reporting and 15k management
  • New web components for the current Claim portal sites. Allows large employers to view their claims, case notes and run reports like the state fund loss run and transaction registers.

Compensate SF v5.9c Release Notes


-       Added new field “Subrogation Collected” – data is supplied by the BWC and is all of the subrogation dollars collected as of the end of the quarter.

-       Added new report in the policy screen and under Reports à MISC à Subrogation Collected. This report will include all claims where subrogation has been collected and the amount collected as of the end of the quarter.

-       Changed the case note editor for the old style case notes to allow the use of the TAB key inside the note text.

-       Added a new button to the RTF case note editor “RF”. RF removes all formatting for the current case note being edited to help fix problems with line spacing and other text formatting problems.  If after the RF button is used, you do not like the results use the “Cancel” button to abandon all of the changes and revert the note back to it’s original format.  After the “Save” button is used there is nothing that can be done to undo the results.


-          Added new report for claims on appeal.  The BWC PIRS information includes a new flag to indicate if the claim was on appeal as of the claim data extract date.  You can run the report for a specific policy from inside the policy information screen or for all policies from Reports àMISCàAppeal Claims .

-          Added new “Plan of Action” field in the claim information screen. The new Plan of Action field has been added to the claim status report.

-          Expanded the accident and diagnosis fields from 100 characters to 500 characters

-          The expanded accident description, diagnosis and plan of action fields were moved to their own tab, “Injury”, in the claim information screen.

-          Added a new flag field “Fees not paid” in the policy information screen to help indicate policies where their admin fees are unpaid.  If the flag is checked it will activate a red flag in the policy information screen and in the claim information screen for all claims that in that policy.  There is also a new filter added to the Policy screen from the main menu to allow users to extract all policies that do not have their fees paid.

-          Added a new option in System Setup to allow each new hearing to generate it’s own case note instead of the original functionality of adding it to the bottom of the existing Legal claim note.

-          Added several new Forms to the form letter module the include but are not limited to

o    C-11 ADR Appeal - MCO Decision

o    C-18 Wage Agreement

o    C-55 Salary Continuation

o    C-86 Motion

o    C-240 Settlement Agreement

o    CHP-4A Handicap Reimbursement

o    IC-167T Objection to Tentative Order

o    IC-51 Request for Continuance

-          Added several new form letter tags for the form letter generator – see fpc.doc for details



-          2007 / 2008 group rating season

o    Updated base rate for Private Employers

o    Updated the LLR and Credibility tables

o    Updated DWRF rates for Public and Private employers

o    Updates Admin Fee values for Public and Private employers

o    Copies of the updated tables can be exported to excel using the Maintenance à Group menu selections.

-          Added new fields for Non-Reducible Medical costs (Medical LSS payments) because of changes to the PIRS data.

o    Updates to all reports / exports will show the new non-reducible medical costs where appropriate. Data for the non-reducible medical field will automatically be filled in starting with data supplied from the BWC on or after 7/20/2007.

o    Updated the claim screen to show the new values for non-reducible medical costs.

o    Updated projection excel files to show new values.

-          Added new field “Court / ICO Appeal” on the claim screens – Data is populated from the PIRS data and is an indicator of the claim appeal status as of the quarterly extract date displayed at the top of the Compensate screen. 

-          New field added to the “Export All Projections” selection from the main menu “claim_extract” shows which claim values where used when the projection was calculated

-          Many new fields were added / removed from the projection excel file.

-          The premium projection program is set to project 2008 by default for both Private and Public employers – 2007 can still be projected by changing the policy year field back to 2007 for the on the payroll and projection screens.  Don’t forget to project for 2008 the payroll for 2008 must be calculated and verified for each policy for the projection to be accurate.



-          Updated eDocs to allow the document folder to be moved to a network storage device / any available network share using UNC naming


-          2008 projections for public policies has been added along with the  supporting credibility and base rate tables

-          PIRS file loaders revised to improve file importing speed.

-          Added new security level (18 – Policy Admin Fields) restricts access to the following fields on the policy screens

o    Sales Rep

o    TPA Rep

o    TPA Rate

o    Client / Prospect

o    Referred by

-          Added new security level (19 – Policy Admin Notes) restricts access to Policy Admin notes

-          Added new security level (17 – Claim Admin Notes) restricts access to Claim Admin notes

-          2 new case note categories added P-ADM for policy admin notes and C-ADM for claim admin notes and the accessibility of these notes is controlled by the above security levels

-          Added / Updated the following bookmarks for the form letter generator

o    WC_LOC                                                Work center #                        (Policy for state fund program)

o    WC_NAME                             Work center location                            (Policy for state fund program)

o    WC_NAME2                           Work center department       (Policy for state fund program)

o    WC_GRP                                                Reporting group #                                (Policy for state fund program)

o    WC_GRPNAME                     Reporting group name                         (Policy for state fund program)

o    WC_GRP2                              Reporting division #                             (Policy for state fund program)

o    WC_GRP2NAME                   Reporting division name     (Policy for state fund program)

o    WC_COMP                             Work center company                          (Policy for state fund program)

o    WC_ADDR                             Work center address                            (Policy for state fund program)

o    WC_ADDR2                           Work center address2                          (Policy for state fund program)

o    WC_CITY                                               Work center city                    (Policy for state fund program)

o    WC_STATE                            Work center state                  (Policy for state fund program)

o    WC_ZIP                                  Work center zip code                           (Policy for state fund program)

o    WC_PHONE                           Work center phone                               (Policy for state fund program)

o    WC_FAX                                 Work center fax                     (Policy for state fund program)

o    WC_CONTACT                      Work center contact                             (Policy for state fund program)

o    WC_E_MAIL                           Work center e-mail                                (Policy for state fund program)

-          Changed report form formatting

-          Added TPA Rep and Sales Rep to the Loss run excel export files.

-          Policy information screen changes

o    Added current claims extract file on the policy information screen to extract all claims that were included in the quarterly claim values file (PIRS DEMOC).  To extract the claim values go to Reports à Current Claims from the policy information screen

o    Added the current MIRA indemnity and medical reserve values to the current claims tab

o    Clicking on the primary policy (POL 1) name will close the currently displayed claim and load the policy management screen (CTRL-P).

o    Added the PIRS policy homogeneity data tab (PIRS PHMGNFILE)

-          Removed tabular experience information from the experience tab in the claim screens.


Compensate SF v5.9b Release Notes


-          It’s back…  F8 inserts the current date in the formatted case notes / task screens…



-          Added sales rep to policy information with filter support

-          Added quote status to policy information

-          Added prior group to policy information

-          Added projections tab in policy information screen

-          Changed title on policy information screen à Claims tab from MIRA to ULCC

-          Added summary report for projections




-          Changed non-group discount to be 0% for all 2007 projections – 2006 will still use 2.5%

-          Updated the credibility table for 2007 with a max value of 90%

-          Changed labels on the claim screen to Group TML, Individual TML

-          Added the ability to hide the group savings on the “Projected Savings Report” for policies that have no hope of joining group but still are interested on what their premium will be in 2007



-          New Notes – New claim / policy notes will no longer have the claim / policy information inserted as the first line of the note.  Instead all notes will have the claim / policy information in the title of the window for notes / edit notes to aid in user orientation.

-          Projected Savings Report

o    The projected savings report has been completely revised, now includes plan participation discounts, offsets for modified losses and adjustable group TM % values.

o    Modified loss offsets can be set by manual on the payroll edit screen.

o    Projected group TM% and plan discount values are set for each policy when using the manual projection selection from the policy information screen, or can be set from Edit à Policy Information from the policy information screen.

o    Plan participation discount, projected group TM% and modified loss offsets are stored for future projections. After these values are set they will be used for all projections (manual and batch) for a particular policy even after new quarterly reserve values are loaded.



-          New Text Formatting

o    All notes in the system now have the option to include Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikeout and Colored text in addition to any font and font size that is installed on the system.

o    In order to have the notes maintain their formatting, it is suggested that generic fonts (Arial, Times New Roman) are selected when entering notes.  If the machine that is viewing the notes does not have the selected font installed the not will appear jumbled on that machine.

o    Spell check is currently disabled when the new text formatting is enabled

-          Any field that contains an e-mail address and has a blue caption will start an e-mail to that address if the caption is clicked on.

-          Any field that is blue and underlined on the claim screen can be clicked on for additional information or function.



-          Minor change to claim status report to show current totals and the previous quarter totals

-          ICD9 Codes, status and descriptions added to the claim status report.

-          Removed the tabular information from the claim history excel file

-          The F4 lookup for the issue to be heard for hearings is now selected from a new list in the maintenance area under MISC instead of auto-generating from hearings that are currently on file.  The issue report still sorts on the actual contents of the issue field so keeping the list short and consistent will help with the grouping on the report.



-          All hearing reports are exportable to excel.

-          New report for BWC programs that policies are participating in has been added to the “Report” menu under “Policies”.  This is currently an excel file export of all programs for all polices and will be refined after input from users after there is data to report.

-          New screen was added to the “Maintenance” menu under “Policies” to allow users to manage the list of BWC programs available.



-          New Module – State Fund Web Reporter – Fully integrated with the state fund system to supply client companies with the latest information on their claims and a review of the adjusters claim notes.

-          2006 base rate table updates and 2007 base rate table added

-          2006 LLR table updated and 2007 LLR table added

-          Non-group discount adjusted to 2.5% for 2006 and 2007 for projections

-          Admin fee % adjusted to 16.36% for 2006 and 2007 projections

-          Added state tables for MCO companies and Policy REP ID

-          New Policy Information Screen

o    New hot key – CTRL – P  - Look up policy by number or name

o    REP name now displayed in the new policy information screen

o    All policy level information, notes, eDocs, reports and history are now accessed from this new screen.

o    Policy notes have been moved to the “Edit à Policy Notes” from the new policy screen.

o    Double clicking on the claim information in the policy information screen will load the claim and allow access to all of the data on the claim.

o    All new policy reports and management features will be added to this new policy information screen

-          My Compensate Tasks - Changes

o    Policy and case notes can now be scheduled as a reminder and will appear in the “My Compensate Task” list until they are either re-scheduled or the reminder is cleared. The case note will show in the task list for the person that the reminder is scheduled for and for all users that are accessing the policy or claim just incase they are able to complete the task or update the claim/policy note.

o    Compensate Tasks are now included in the notes sections of the claim and policy areas.  Including the tasks in the note area eliminates the need to enter the results of a task in the claim / policy notes.

o    Recurring tasks are now rescheduled without generating a new task. Rescheduling tasks instead of creating new tasks allows for tracking the history and progress of a specific task without reviewing multiple notes / tasks.

o    Tasks for all users are shown in the claim / policy screens.  Allows any user that has the information to complete the task or update the reminder note.

o    Clicking on the task in the claim / policy screens allows for the task to be completed with ability to update the results of the task.

o    Double clicking on a task from the main screen will load the claim the task is associated with.

-          Case / Policy Note Changes

o    In order to change a case / policy note users must select “Edit Note” on the note screen.  After changing the note the user must select “Save Note” button on the new edit screen.  If the user does not want to save the changes that they have made they can select “Cancel” and the original note remains unchanged.

o    Users may not save an empty note. If there is an accident while editing the text of a note and the note is lost the edit screen will not allow saving of an empty note over the original note.

o    If a user wishes to completely remove a note from the system, select the note and use the “Delete” button on the note screen.  THIS CAN NOT BE UNDONE AND CAN NOT BE RESTORED FROM A BACKUP.

o    If Compensate eDocs is installed, all notes can have attachments associated with the policy / claim note.

-          New screen has been added to the policy screen to allow for tracking of the state programs a particular policy is participating in.  The new screen tracks the program name, level, discount, start and ending dates for the program.


Compensate SF v5.9 Release Notes



-          All Date fields with a drop down arrow have a new hot keys.

+          Increases date by one day

-           Decreases date by one day

T          Change to Today’s date

        Change to first day of the week

K          Change to last day of week

M         Change to first day of the month

H          Change to last day of the month

Y          Change to first day of the year

R          Change to last day of the year




-          Added a claim combine function to merge 2 claims.  This function should be used when a claim has been entered with the incorrect claim number and it needs to be merged with the claim in the system with the correct claim number.  This function moves any missing demographic data from the claim to be combined into the claim that will be kept.  Case notes, transactions, icd9 codes and other important data from the incorrect claim are merged into the claim that is retained.

-          New field added to each claim - “TPA STATUS” – This field is to help track claims that the claimant is OFF WORK, RETURNED TO LIGHT DUTY or MMI.  This field is under complete end user control and has no input from the BWC data files and needs to be maintained by claims managers when the status changes.

-          New TPA REP reports were added to the MISC report menu under TPA Status Report.  These excel exports will gather claims that are MMI, OFF WORK, LIGHT DUTY or have a MIRA reserve. These reports can be grouped by the TPA REP or can be extracted for a single TPA REP.



-          Changed filters on policy information page to include an option to filter for policies with out data in the fields.  Enter “EMPTY” into the prompt to see all policies without values.




-          Added all new fields / data files for the additional data that is being supplied by the PIRS system.

-          Added a new tab to the policy information screen for policy combinations

-          Added a new tab to the policy information screen for manual re-classifications

-          Added filter buttons on the first tab of the policy information screen for TPA REP and Client status.  The policy list can be filtered for these fields to limit the number of policies on the top of the screen.  If there is a policy filter in place at the time the excel or RI300d buttons are clicked only those policies that are in the list on the top of the screen would be included in the file.  Ex. If you want to generate a RI300d request for clients only (Policy Status = ‘C’), first filter for the Policy Status and then click the RI300d button on the first tab and answer the questions for request type and rep-id.

-          Redesigned the claim screen.

o    Removed the tabular data from the top of the screen and replaced it with the new fields supplied by the BWC in the new DEMOC PIRS file.  The actual data for the tabular information is still stored in the database and is still accessible from the claim history and claim experience excel files.

o    Removed the manual tab from the experience display at the bottom of the screen.

o    Added new ICD9 Tab to the bottom of the screen to display the ICD9 data being supplied by the BWC.  There is also a new screen for ICD9 codes under EDIT à ICD9 Codes to display and potentially allow for end user edit of these values

o    Removed the Policy tab from the bottom of the claim screen. – To get additional information about either of the 2 policies that can be attached to a claim click on either Policy 1 or Policy 2 in the middle of the claim screen.

-          Further development on the injury reports was completed.   All injury reports currently are reporting the current quarterly evaluation only.  These reports are not adding payments since the end of the quarter at this time.  Ex. If the extract date is set for 12/31/04 the paid and reserve values on these reports will be good as of 12/31/04.

-          Added 2 new excel files on the REPORTS à MISC menu to export all of the policy combinations and all manual reclassifications on file in the system for all policies to excel.

-          Rearranged the reports menu.

-          Changed the calculation for the total loss columns on the State Fund Loss Run and the Retro Loss Run to use the same calculations that the projection program is using to calculate values when a claim has a handicap.

-          Added the 2 fields to the claim screen IND LTD LOSS and GRP LTD LOSS.  These fields should correspond to the values that would be reported in a projection and the loss run reports.  The GRP LTD LOSS assumes a 250,000 max claim size.  The IND LTD LOSS uses the max claim size listed in the next column.




-          Release v5.9 started

-          Added new Case file Check In/Out reports.  To add a case file to the list from inside the claim select Edit à Case File Check In/Out and add the date the file was checked in or out and by who.  Any case files currently checked out will be in the “Unreturned Case File Report”

-          New spell checker control added for case notes. Removed the spell check button since the new control checks all text automatically.

-          Added the Lapsed Policy Excel File to the MISC Report menu and the Main Menu under State Fund.  This report will show all polices that have lapsed periods on file from the payroll information after the date input by the user.  The report shows the total number of days that the policy has been lapsed.  Any policy with the number of days greater than 1000 has a period that has not been reinstated.

-          Removed the status bar from the bottom of the compensate screens to increase screen area and remove redundant information.

-          Added the injury reports from the SI program back into the SF program.

-          Added field to each claim to indicate if the claimant is being paid salary continuation.

-          Added and export to excel for all claims receiving salary continuation.  The menu selection for this report is under MISC on the reports menu.