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SI Release Notes

  • Added non-editable notes - this is only available for non-RTF claim notes in the SI program
  • Revised the PPO transaction import to update the date of services fields for the detail records in CPT transactions
  • Revised the non-active open claims report to include last reserve adjustment date.  Also added the last reserve adjustment
    and # of inactive days to the excel version of the report
  • Changed the security of the User Stats reports to Security Level 20
  • Revised the 1099 forms for 2016
  • Added State Claim Number, OSHA / Old Case / Alternate Case Number to CTRL-G
  • Removed the ability to change a User ID in User Configuration - Changing the user ID causes problems with tasks and case notes.  
    If there is a problem with a user ID delete it and add a new user.
  • Added CTRL-O to allow users to look up claims in a specific company by the OSHA / Old Case / Alternate Claim number.
  • ASC fee schedule added effective 5-1-2016
  • Added new outpatient fee schedule effective 5-1-2016
  • Added a new Unemployment Event "UA" to cover "Untimely and not Adequate Response" Claims.
  • Updated the 01/01/2016 Ohio provider fee schedule with the unannounced changes from the Ohio BWC effective 03/01/2016
  • Updated the Wells Fargo positive pay file for their new format
  • Added TPOC 2 thru TPOC 5 for CMS reporting - for the rare instance for more than one settlement amount. 
  • Added a prompt to the Safety National excess loss file to allow the user to enter the end of month that the report is to be generated.
  • Moved the Safety National excess loss report file from the Compensate working folder to the working\edi_files\Safety_National_Files folder.
  • Moved the Chartis excess loss report file from the Compensate working folder to the working\edi_files\Chartis folder.
  • Updated Ohio inpatient CCR tables for 2016
  • Updated Ohio CPT Tables for 2016
  • Updated the anesthesia rate for 2016 dates of service
  • Posted Min/Max Compensation values for Ohio, PA, WV on the compensate help site so users can update their systems
  • Revised the Claimant Status Report so show the ICD-10 allowed conditions in compensate and on the Web Reporter site
  • Added Last Modified by and Last Modified date to claim notes.  This will allow the created by information to remain unchanged and show which claim notes have been edited recently.

  • Revised hearing docket excel export to add additional columns and align it with the SI program so the reports can be combined
  • Revised the payroll export file for ODJFS in the unemployment program to generate a single file with new header requirements
  • Updated 1099 forms for 2015
  • Revised CO reporting for EDI Release 3 reports.
  • Completed SIDES integration for SI requests for the unemployment program
  • Revised CMS claim reporting to include ICD-10 Codes for claims with a date of injury after 10/1/2015.  
    All claims prior to 10/1/2015 will still require a valid ICD-9 allowed condition code so they can be reported to CMS.  
    Please do not remove ICD-9 or ICD-10 codes from claims - Compensate will figure out which codes when reporting.
  • Updated Descending Dollars report to remove the graph and make the report run for all clients.
  • Added Release 3 SROI for the State of South Carolina
  • Updated the anesthesia rate for 2015 dates of service
  • Added OSHA days to the Claim Excel Export 
  • QK, QY & QZ anesthesia modifiers added to CPT bill payment programs.
  • ASC fee schedule effective 05/01/2015 added
  • Outpatient fee schedule effective 05/01/2015 added
  • EDI Claim Type M added for all release 3 jurisdictions 
  • "Days" button added to the OSHA Claim Review screen.  This will remove all manual entries for Lost and Restricted Days and update them with the data from Quits and Returns periods from Claims Data.  If there are no Quits and Returns data on file in the claims the it will Zero all manual entries for Lost and Restricted Days.
  • EDI Claim Type and Claim Class are now separate fields.  This allows the recording of OD claims in the Claim Class Field.  Use the EDI Claim Type field to report to EDI Jurisdictions.  These 2 fields are completely independent.
  • Court Status and Claim Rep columns have been added to the "Claim Excel Export"
  • New Unemployment Event type "RO" added for claims that need to be Re-Opened.
  • Updated Inpatient Fee Schedule for Ohio effective 02/01/2015
  • Updated CPT Fee Schedule for Ohio
  • New Compensation Rates for Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Iowa, West Virginia, New Jersey, Indiana are available
  • Added Direct Deposit Module - Requires installation fees and extensive configuration
  • Updated the statute date calculation for the states of PA, SC, WV, NJ
  • Added CPT Modifier 'AA' for anesthesia - works like '30' which is retired as of 01/01/2015 
  • Added Excess Loss Reporting for Safety National & Chartis
  • Added CCR value to the EOB for inpatient and outpatient bills so end users can verify the value that was used to reduce the line item this required the service from and service to dates to be reformatted dropping the century information (2 digit year)
  • New Inpatient Fee Schedule loaded effective 2/1/2014 - there were no changes to the multipliers, the only update is the new medicare table effective 10/1/2013 that the CCR values are based on.
  • Updated the SI-40 report for Ohio to treat TTBIL (benefits in Lieu) just like TTWIL (waged in Lieu)
  • Updated the Open Claims list to include closed claims with reserves - should never happen but conversions can cause inconsistent data.
  • 2014 CPT Fee Schedule has been added - customers on support will receive the new data on the next upgrade
  • 2014 Wage information for Pennsylvania and Ohio has been added
  • Add South Carolina for EDI reporting and Claims Management - bill reductions should be handled by MCMC at this time