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v5.8 Release Notes

Compensate v5.8d Release Notes


-          Added new CPT 2007 table for Ohio

-          Added new Min/Max compensation rates for Ohio and PA.

-          New Form Letter – C92/C92A Fax Cover Sheet

-          Completely revised OSHA 300A report – Removed old PDF file format and new totally integrated system report

-          Integrated file encryption for the STARS file export – new encryption only works when sending files to Marsh LLC

-          Updated file encryption for Huntington and Bank One / Chase positive pay files.

-          Updates for the new 1099 electronic file – revisions for 2007.

-          Plain paper 1099 copy B report updated for 2006

-          Plain paper 1099 copy C report added for 2006

-          Excess loss reporting letter revised to include expense payments / costs.

-          New security level added (5) – Add Employee to HRMS – If a user does not have this permission they may not add an employee to the HRMS system

-          Change SSN added to the employee HRMS screen – This function checks to see if the SSN is already on file and if it does not allows the SSN of the employee shown on the screen to be changed to the new SSN value.

-          Removed dependency of Compensate on Adobe Acrobat / Adobe Distiller – Compensate can now create .PDF files completely internally and has the option to send the .PDF directly to the currently loaded .PDF file view bypassing the user’s E-mail application – This removes Compensate dependency on Microsoft Outlook for e-mail.




-          All payment screens need confirmation when pressing the cancel button.  This is to prevent accidental dumping of transaction data in the case of pressing the cancel button instead of the create button.



-          The quits and returns screens have been revised. Instead of Last Date Worked and Date Returned to Work the fields have been changed to Start Date and End Date.  These fields should contain the starting and ending of the Lost Time period or the Modified Duty period. During the upgrade process any data on file is offset to accommodate the new field definitions to maintain the values that have been previously reported.

-          The quits and returns screen now accommodate 2 new values SLT  and SMD.  If these 2 values are used they calculate the number of work dates (Monday – Friday), including holidays, between the start date and end date.

-          Any field that contains an e-mail address and has a blue caption will start an e-mail to that address if the caption is clicked on.

-          Any field that is blue and underlined on the claim screen can be clicked on for additional information or function.

-          The supervisor table has been expanded to include e-mail and contact phone numbers.

-          The value of the supervisor field has been added to the claim screen with quick access to the contact information that is pulled from the new expanded supervisor table.

-          SI-9 report is no longer required by the state of Ohio this function will no longer be updated and will be removed in future releases.

-          OCN PPO tables are no longer supported and will be replaced by the new IHG PPO tables.  There were minor changes to the CPT payment screen for clients that use this feature.




-          Added new hot key lookup.  Ctrl O will lookup on the alternate case number (old case) field.  This is used by some sites as an OSHA number lookup, but the field can be used for any alternate lookup.



-          New Ohio S9 report excel spread sheet in the year end menu

-          New Ohio S9 instructions for period ending 12/31/2005 added to the forms pull down in the main menu

-          New Ohio SI40 instructions for 2005 added to the forms pull down on the main menu

-          Min max tables updated for OH, PA, NJ, KY, SD

-          IRS form 1099MISC copy B may now be printed to blank paper… you must supply envelopes

-          1099 forms also export to adobe PDF file which my be substituted for the employers C copy with their permission.

-          Document image storage is now available for storing any kind of file either at the claim level or the risk level.  This is an additional cost module… contact Alton Risk Consulting for details.

-          Iowa EDI first report of injury revised to include risk level phone and fax numbers



-          The Cost to Charge ratio tables are implemented in both the CPT and Manual Payment programs From the form UB92 (box 51) enter the BWC 11 digit vendor code into the Provider EIN/NUMfield  use modifier 11 for the Inpatient reduction and modifier 13 for the Outpatient reduction. You may reduce the bill by line item or by total which ever method is appropriate.  Out of state UB92s use the 9 digit  EIN (box 5) to obtain the correct reduction for inpatient or outpatient.



-          Revised the 1099 program to recognize all amounts for reporting in 1099misc box 14 (Payments to Attorneys)  not just amounts over 600.00  This change is  due to the requirements found on the General Instructions for Form 1099. See page Gen 16.



-          Moved all Hearing Docket reports to the Reports menu under the pull down Docket

-          Moved the case file check in / out inside the claim area under Edit and added the ability to check out a case file for any claim not just claims with state claim numbers

-          Removed the Hearing Docket section from all menus

-          Moved Checking account setup information to it’s own screen and removed it from the Company Setup screen.


Compensate v5.8c Release Notes



-          Added new “Court Status” field for each claim to allow tracking of claims that have the status “Court of Common Pleas”, “Post Litigation”, or “Claim in Litigation”

-          Added Court Status excel file export on the REPORTS à MISC menu

-          Cleaned up the formatting for the Check Register Detail report

-          Added transaction import program for transactions created by PPO or other bill processing companies. Currently imports are available from Procura and Corvel.

-          Added transaction editor for transactions that are rejected from PPO transaction imports to allow for correcting of transaction data so bill can be attached to the proper claim and be converted into a check.

-          Revised the “Checks by Injury Year” reports to include expenses and combined the credit columns (voids) into the paid columns for medical and indemnity.




-          Resized font on EOB of  check and added 3 additional lines of CPT detail for all check formats.  Changed the default number of CPT lines from 24 to 27.



-          Added ICD9 code detail for the Stars Export files.

-          Added FROI form report for the new claim from web option



-          Added transaction line item detail data for the Stars Export files.  Stars Export files are used to transmit claims data to excess loss carriers and other TPA companies.




-          Removed the read only restriction on the field “Claim Received On” in the claim data screen

-          New claim add option the web based first report of injury added.

-          Changed duplicate payment trap for the CPT payment program for improved trapping and duplicate item reporting.  The same criteria of EIN, procedure (CPT), modifier and service from date still apply.  This update does not effect the PPO reduction program for the Ohio Comp Network (OCN)



-          Added number of units to the medical payment history detail



-          Added a new excel file export on the Reports à  MISC à ICD9 List Excel File  menu for icd9 codes filed on claims with a date of injury in the selected date range.  Excellent file for finding OD claims that were coded incorrectly.  Also could be used to determine the “cost” of a claim with a specific ICD9 code.

-          Added new excel file export on the Reports à MISC à No ICD9 code Excel File menu for claims that have no ICD9 on file.


12/30/2004 – Ohio Only

-          CPT modifier 11 was updated to pay 79%of billed charges until 1/1/2004, 75% of billed charges from 1/1/2004 thru                 12/31/2004 and 70% of billed charges from 1/1/2005 onward

-          CPT modifier 13 was updated to pay 68% of billed charges until 12/31/2003 and 60% of billed charges thereafter.

-          All States – Added CPT modifier TC which performs the same action as CPT modifier 27 (Technical Component )



-          Added updated SI-9 excel file for new reporting period

-          Changed excel file export to freeze the header row to keep captions at the top of all exported excel files.  To unlock the header row, in excel select  Window à Unfreeze panes

-          Opened slot for 2005 CPT tables for Ohio – Will provide upgrade when table is released from the BWC and end users show proof of “User agreement “ with the Ohio BWC

-          Removed the 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 CPT Tables for the state of Ohio



-          Added Statute of Limitations date to the Claim Status Report.



-          Added TPA Rep to the company setup screen to allow for future management reports

-          Added HRMS employee lookup from inside the Workers’ Compensation claim menus

-          Added ability to generate HRMS records for missing employees from Workers’ Compensation claim



-          Added PMT records for SROI reports for EDI Release 2 and EDI Release 3



-          Revised Manual Med / Expense payment program to not allow the paid amount to be larger than the billed amount for any payment.

-          Expanded the Rep Team field from 2 positions to 12.



-          New Loss Triangle report added under original menu selection.  This report will not always agree with check registers for the same period of time since there are additional injury years paid for in the period that are not shown on the triangle report.

-          Original Loss Triangle report moved to the Transaction Loss Report on the Transactions menu.



-          Added Allowed / Disallowed field for each authorization.  Only authorizations that are allowed will be considered for trapping indemnity payments.  All disallowed periods will only be included in reports.

-          Export to Excel added for the MD / LT Report



-          Revised Insurance Report on the Excess Loss menu to break out expense from medical paid to report claims to excess loss carrier.

-          Indemnity check calculator revised to treat SLA payments as a lump sum amount instead of a weekly rate.

-          Grand Total Paid and Total Recovery added to the Check summary by injury year report.

-          Added Last W9 date field to the provider file.

-          Added option to run the SI-40 by check date.  – Choosing this option will cause the SI-40 to disagree with all other reports in the system that run using voucher dates.  Also any payments in the system that have not been cut as checks will be excluded until they have check dates.  If these excluded payments get a check date inside the SI-40 period they will be included in a future report run.

-          Updated the master report program to allow the generation of SI-40 reports using check dates.



-          Cert Code claim export to Excel.  On the “MISC” menu under reports you can export all claims with the specified cert codes.  If you wish to have more than one cert code in the export file enter all codes you wish separated by commas.  Ex. for a report with all C1 and C7 claims enter  C1,C7   in the prompt box.

-          Added an additional contact to all work centers, in addition, all contacts have phone number, extension and e-mail address fields.

-          Modified the primary and secondary work center screens to accommodate new fields.



-          Revised calculation for statute of limitations date and Reports: Dates of injury prior to 12/11/1967: med only and lost time claims are 10 years from the later of last medical paid or last indemnity paid.  For dates of injury between 12/11/1967 and 10/19/1993 med only claims are 6years from date of injury, lost time claims  are 10 years from the later of last medical or last indemnity paid.  For dates of injury after 10/20/1997 medical only claims are 6 years from last medical paid, Lost time claims are 10 years from the later of last medical or last indemnity paid.



-          Moved ICD9 Codes to new table for increased tracking and improved management. ICD9 fields were removed from the claim edit screen and placed under the Medical/Expense menu under "ICD9 Codes".

-          Added the check register and check register by location reports to the Corporate report options in the master program.

-          Added the option to run check registers by location on the screen for check registers in the master program.

-          Added "Release Notes" to the help menu.



-          Moved C84 Dates to new table and renamed the function to "Indemnity Authorization".  The indemnity authorization periods can be edited from the Indemnity menu under "Authorization Dates".  All periods as they are received from the authorizing agent.  This function is applicable for all indemnity types.  The indemnity calculator has been modified to use the new table and track all periods in the authorization table.

-          Added reports in the claim for Indemnity Authorizations to list all periods on file in the claim.

-          Removed the "Active C84" report and redefined it as the Indemnity Authorizations report and moved menu selection to the "Dates" menu. 

-          C84 Scan and Batch letter has been changed to use the new Indemnity Authorization tables.  The batch letter has been greatly improved and can be re-created any time they are needed.  The 2 dates for this letter will select all claims that have a C84 expiring in the period and will create a letter for these claims.  If you wish to remove a claim from the list for the letter use CTRL-T to delete the claim from the list before the letters are generated.

-          Received production status for EDI Release 2 for state of IA.

-          Added Claim export for Corvel EDI transfer.

-          Expanded the provision field in unemployment to be 999.99 instead of previous standard of  9.99999.

-          Merged the transaction credit / overpayment / reimbursement / history payment functions into a "Journal Entry" function for both Medical/Expense and Indemnity transactions sets.  The history payment and credit menu selections were removed.

-          Added a "Deduction on the Fly" button for indemnity payments.  From the indemnity check screen when making a payment you can select "Add" which will allow the user to enter the tax id, address, reason and lump sum amount to be removed from the comp check.  No reason to add a deduction to the deduction screen and calculate a weekly rate to remove a one tile lump sum amount.


Compensate v5.8b Release Notes



-          Comp rate calculator was updated for KY claims to set the comp rate to the TT minimum value as published by the state even when the AWW rate is less than the state minimum per KRS 342.730 and Sandi Wilson.

-          Comp rate calculator was updated for IA claims to consider separated persons to be still married and use the appropriate comp rate.

-          Modified EDI Release 2 SROI reports for MTC Date problem for 'AP','IP','PY','RB','RE' reports.  The MTC date should be set to the issue date of the payment not the date of the report.  SEE IAIABC Rel 2 manual for further information.



-          The comp rate calculator was updated to use the "Date of Disability" date when setting the comp rate on OD claims.  All DOI values in the system should be set to the "Date of Diagnosis".

-          Added GPG file encryption for file transfers

-          Added positive pay file for Bank One on the checks menu - Record length is the Bank One standard of 200 characters and it uses the gpg file encryption.

-          The ability to generate the "Denied Payment" letter for payments that have already been entered.  To create the letter again go to payment history for denied payments, right click on the voucher number and select "Deny Again", select the reasons why the payment should be denied and finish the letter.  This will add an additional case note for the new letter but will not create another transaction in the system.



Compensate v5.8a Release Notes


-          Added EDI Release 3 FROI reports.

-          Added all claim fields for the IAIABC standard for all claims in the system.  Adding all fields will make it easier to accommodate future EDI requirements.

-          Added EDI Release 2 FROI and SROI report for the state of IA.

-          Added new Min / Max tables for IA and fixed the comp rate calculator to use new tables.  Requires marital status, number of exemptions and AWW for the calculation.

-          Ohio CPT table was updated to update the ASC values to reflect the changes the BWC made in January and didn't tell anyone.



Compensate v5.8 Release Notes


-          Removed most summary reports from the reports menu and added functionality to the detail report controls. (ex. Loss Run Reports).  This allows easier running of the summary reports with the same parameters that were used for the detail report.

-          Added EDI Release 1 FROI and SROI Reports.

-          Added new reports for "Quits and Returns" under "Date Reports" on the reports menu.

-          Added new reports on the "Quits and Returns" screen in the claim - both reports have comprehensive day calculations.

-          Added state claim number for the CTRL-G global lookup criteria - Users can now enter the claimants SSN, Name (Last name first) and the state claim number.

-          Added Client Data Download for Compensate Manager - users of Manager can now download their data from the internet that was uploaded by their TPA during the nightly data transfer.

-          Added Denied payments and Denied payment letter for Medical/Expense transactions.  Denied payments can be allowed at a later date and will be included in the normal check run.   Reserves are adjusted for allowed payments as follows.


                1. If there is enough reserve to make the payment the reserve is reduced by the amount of the payment


                2. If there is not enough reserve to make the payment an automatic reserve adjustment is made for the amount


of the payment leaving the current reserve amount unchanged.  This even works if the claim is currently closed, the payment will be made, the reserve adjustment added and the claim remains closed.


-          The Checks and Mainframe menus have been separated.  There is no longer a need for mainframe transfer accounts to use any items from the "Checks" menu.  All functions for generating the work file, printing vouchers and transferring the payments to the accounts payable systems have been consolidated to the mainframe menu.




-          Received EDI production status for NJ and PA.



-          Received EDI production status for IN.

-          Received EDI production status for KY.

-          Additional fields were added to the HRMS database for expanded employee tracking

-          Added new control key to look up employees in HRMS - CTRL-H - Can enter SSN or employee name

-          Removed the HRMS menu from the main menu and added expanded employee area that can be found by looking up an employee using CTRL-H

-          The hearing screen in the claim has been revised to include an expanded note area and to show all claims that are on file.  Also a hearing report has been added to list all hearings that have been scheduled for the claim.

-          Case notes screen has been revised to show all notes that may be on file in a claim and allow users to be able to split and categorize notes easier.  Users who split their notes out by date will be able to print reports that show all notes that have occurred in a specified period. 

-          New Control and Function Keys were added  F2 = Pervious Last name used ,  F9 = Last SSN used.

-          CTRL-END Change – CTRL-END will no longer close the window and select the current record.  Use CTRL-W.

-          CTRL-HOME Change – CTRL-HOME is no longer the find command.  Use CTRL-F.