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v6.2 Release Notes

  • Cleaned up and re-arranged the Claim screen for Workers' Compensation claims.  Nothing was removed - Added the e-mail address for the claimant and a link for the e-mail address so the claims managers can quickly e-mail the claimant.  The address comes from their HRMS record and can be updated by using the Edit --> Employee Data in the HRMS screen for the employee.  The e-mail address will show up in all claims that share the same SSN.  If the e-mail address is not showing in a claim check to make sure the SSN in the claim matches their HRMS record.
  • Added e-mail addresses for the Attorney and Doctor of Record in the Edit --> Claim Data screen for Workers' Compensation Claims.  Claims managers can quickly e-mail the Attorney and Doctor of Record by using the "Right Click" popup menu in the claim screen.  To see the popup menu - Right Click anywhere in the claim screen and select any of the menu items there.  Don't forget that there is additional "Right Click" popup menu on the main screen for Risk level features.
  • Attorney and Doctor of Record e-mail addresses will populate from the provider table when using F4 in the claim edit and claim add screens if the data is in the provider tables.
  • Attorney and Doctor of Record e-mail addresses are claim specific so if an Attorney or Doctor changes their e-mail address it will have to be updated in each claim - there is no global edit.
  • Updated the CPT Description database for 2013 and cured the Typhoid outbreak in the table.
  • Added "Employee Aliases" or alternate employee names to the HRMS area.  To add an alternate name for an employee from the HRMS screen go to Edit --> Employee Aliases and enter the First & Last names along with a comment.  After the information has been added to the HRMS record the employee alias will show up in Worker's Compensation, Unemployment or FMLA Claims under the category "A.K.A." in the alert area for claims that share the same SSN. 
  • Employee Aliases can be used to post a note in the claim area for all claims with the same SSN - Just add an alias to the HRMS record with a first and last name of - and a comment that you wish to show in all claims.
  • Changed the compensation calculation for "TP" in the state of Pennsylvania to use a lump sum amount instead of a weekly rate to set the value of the transaction in the compensation calculator.
  • Updated the unemployment reports to include the data for work center 1 and work center 2 in the excel file exports.
  • eDocs can now be attached to provider records.  This is an excellent place to store copies of the IRS W9 paperwork for each provider. All providers that share the same EIN number will share all eDocs on file for that EIN.
  • Added ICD-10 Codes Allowed Condition Codes to each claim.  Users can add ICD-10 codes just like ICD-9 codes if they have the documentation.  The new screen for ICD-10 codes can be found under Edit --> ICD-10 Codes in the claim area.  
  • Added ICD-10 Cause of Injury Codes to each claim.  To update the ICD-10 cause of injury code use Edit --> Claim Data and fill in the ICD-10 Cause of Injury Code field.  The normal F4 look up will work for this field, but requires a search since the table of possible values is extensive.  If the user enters a * in the search field, all available values will be shown.
  • ICD-10 Cause of Injury codes do not start with 'E' and are not the same as the ICD-9 codes.  ICD-10 cause of injury codes start with 'V', 'W', 'X' or 'Y'.   Each claim being reported to CMS will need an ICD-10 cause of injury code.
  • Added ICD-10 allowed condition and cause of injury codes to the claim entry screen.
  • ICD-10 code maintenance screens have been added in the claim area and the Maintenance menu.  The screen is empty when it first is displayed and users must search for any part of the description or the code they are interested in. ALL VALUES CAN BE DISPLAYED BY ENTERING A * IN THE SEARCH BOX just like all other code screen and search boxes in the system.
  • Updated the Claim information screen and the Claim status report to include ICD-10 allowed condition codes with the existing ICD-9 allowed condition codes.
  • Changed the F4 look up for ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes to include a search box so users can enter any part of the code or description.
  • ICD-10 changes for CMS reporting will be included in a future release after MEDICARE releases version 4.0 of their users guide.
  • 1099 plain paper forms Copy B&C have been updated for 2013.



  • Updated CTRL-G - repaired the problem where users in one user group were able to look up claims in other user group using CTRL-G. Users with a user group of 99 will be able to see all companies and use CTRL-G to find claims in all companies. Users in user group B will be able to see all of the “B” companies and CTRL-G will only find claims in those companies.
  • Changes to the Ohio Outpatient Reimbursement Rules to implement the 4-1-2013 changes.
  • Added the new Ohio 2013 ASC fee schedule Effective 4-1-2013
  • Added export for MEDICARE CCR tables for Inpatient and Outpatient billing to the Maintenance --> Medical menu.


  • Changes to the Ohio Inpatient Reimbursement Rules to implement the 2-1-2013 changes.


  • 1099 forms and programs updated for the 2012 tax year.  Users should check the "# is SSN" box in the provider edit screen if the W-9 has the provider's tax id number in the SSN box.  This will ensure the electronic file sent to IRS conforms to their SSN reporting requirements.
  • Positive Pay file format for Wesbanco has been added to the system
  • "Print Sample Check" has been added to the Main --> Risk Information Menu.  This option prints a VOIDED sample check to send to the bank for their checking account setup audits. The menu selection is available to anyone with permission to print checks.  The selection prints one sample check at a time, if the bank needs more than one sample please use the menu selection multiple times.  All sample checks are identical.
  • Menu selections have been added to the Main --> Risk Information Menu to open the CMS, Working and Positive Pay folders for the company that is currently selected in order to make file access easier.
  • Report --> Docket --> Docket Import Folder menu selection has been added to make it simple for users to locate the folder for importing docket files from the Ohio Industrial Commission.
  • Additional fields have been added to the Loss Run --> Excel File Export.  
  • Voc Rehab fee schedule updated for Ohio effective 10/1/2012 a copy of the changes can be found here
  • Compensate SI requires authorization codes for each licensed user which can be obtained from Alton Risk Consulting.  Authorization codes will be issued in compliance with the customers current licencing agreement with Alton Risk Consulting and only for the number of licenses that they have purchased.  If a user does not have a authorization code to run the software the software will run in reduced functionality mode which is very useful for file room & auditor activities.  In reduced functionality mode users can look up claims and make / edit claim notes but there is no reporting or processing functions available.
  • Added a date field to the right of the AWW value in the claim edit screen for the date that the AWW was effective.  This field is only required for EDI Release 3 States.


  • Indemnity Authorizations now require a "Received Date" that is the date that the Authorization was received by the TPA or the employer
  • eDocs can now be attached to the Indemnity Authorizations so all documentation for the authorization can be stored.  Please Note - if the indemnity authorization record is deleted any eDocs that were attached will be deleted - it would better to edit the record instead of deleting.
  • Denied bills claim notes are now combined into a single note with the Category "BILLS" and the subject "Denied Bills"
  • Date Received & Entered by fields have been added to the "Claim Excel Export" on the Reports --> Loss Run menu


  • Added Work Center 2 information to the Dates --> LT/MD Report
  • Added DRW ("Date Returned to Work") to the FLMA claim screens 
  • Added a "Resend Report" for the State EDI reports.  Reports can be resent if they do not return after 10 days from the original date the report was sent. To verify which state EDI reports have not returned, users can run the EDI --> State Reports --> Unreturned Reports menu selection.  This report shows all EDI reports that have not returned for all companies.


  • Revised the CPT payment screen to insert the procedure name being paid for if available if there is no value for the procedure in the CPT table.


  • Employee number has been added to the claim add screen to help qualify the employee being entered.  The old claim add screen had only the SSN and the claim received date.  SSN is still a required field to enter a claim - the employee number is not required.  If the user does not know the SSN for the employee they may skip the SSN field and enter the Employee Number - next the system will look in the HRMS file to see if the Employee Number exists and if it does it will fill in the SSN for the Employee.  If the Employee Number is not in the HRMS file the system will not be able to fill in the SSN and the user will have to find the employee's SSN before entering the claim.  If Employee Number is unknown leave it blank.
  • CTRL-G has been updated to search for the Employee Numbers in the claim data.
  • CTRL-H has been updated to search for the Employee Number in the HRMS data.  CTRL-E is still active and will continue to search the HRMS data for Employee Numbers.
  • When adding a new claim for Unemployment it will now include the work center on file in the HRMS data for the Employee.
  • Employee Numbers are now shown in the HRMS lookup and the Claim lookup screens where applicable. 
  • ** NEW - FMLA module is now available for Compensate v6.2


  • New Ambulatory Surgical Fee Schedule for Ohio for dates of service on or after 4/1/2012 added.
  • New Ohio Outpatient reimbursement rules implemented for dates of service on or after 4/1/2012.  More information can be found here.


  • Speed improvements for large look up tables - When using F4 to look up values for large tables (icd9, icd10, CPT) the user is prompted to enter as much of the code or the description of the code that they wish to type then the user is presented with a list of codes and descriptions that match the search term.  All codes that contain the search value anywhere in the code or description are displayed for the user.  Short search values will yield a larger number of records than long search values.  Users can enter * as the search term to retrieve the entire list of values.
  • The Provider Edit screen no longer displays all providers by default.  Users can search for providers by Name, EIN, NPI or Vender numbers.  Short search values will yield a larger number of records than long search values.  Users can enter * as the search term to retrieve the entire list of providers.
  • The CPT Edit screen no longer displays all CPT Codes by default.  Users can search for CPT Codes by Name or CPT numbers.  Short search values will yield a larger number of records than long search values.  Users can enter * as the search term to retrieve the entire list of CPT Codes.
  • The ICD9 Edit screen no longer displays all ICD9 Codes by default.  Users can search for ICD9 Codes by Name or ICD9 numbers.  Short search values will yield a larger number of records than long search values.  Users can enter * as the search term to retrieve the entire list of ICD9 Codes.
  • Updated the CPT Bill reduction program to comply with the Ohio Anesthesia Billing Clarification on March 5, 2012.  All anesthesia bills after 1/1/2012 will be billed per minute instead of 15 minute units.  The number of minutes on the bill can be entered and will be reimbursed at a rate of $2.83333 instead of $42.50 / 15 minutes.  Bills being entered for dates of service prior to 1/1/2012 will be reimbursed with the prior rules.  This change does not impact bill reductions for any other state or jurisdiction.


  • Compensate SI 6.2 achieved EDI production status for the state of Virginia.
  • Repaired the Attorney Check editor to allow items to be deleted. 


  • Added the extended positive pay file for Bank of America.  This format matches the "Option #2" in their positive pay specification file.  To generate a file in this format select "BOA-PAYEE" from the positive pay menu under checks.  The menu selection "Bank of America" on the positive pay menu generates the original "Option #1" file format.  Specifications for these file formats can be found here.
  • Added the Recovery Transactions report to the SI-40 menu to remind users that are working on their SI-40 reports in Ohio to look for the line 14 credit items.


  • Updated CMS download in the master program to not download CMS files for companies that are not marked as active in company information.



  • Added the ability to e-mail or merge eDoc attachments directly from the attachment page for a diary or claim note.  To merge eDoc attachments, Adobe Acrobat Standard edition installed on the workstation - it will not work if Adobe Reader is the only .PDF software installed.


  • Updated eDocs to allow remote users to store files so they are accessible at all locations and on the web.  When eDocs is configured for remote users  there are some changes for the eForms listed below.  All other features remain the same.
    • When using eForms when it is setup for remote users, the eForm will be created on the user's desktop instead of being auto filed in eDocs.  This means that after the eForm is completed and saved and closed in the application being used for the form (ex. Word or Excel) the file must be stored in the claim using the normal eDoc procedures ("drag and drop" or F11).
    • eDocs are not directly editable when setup for remote users. If user need to modify eForms and other editable documents that are stored in eDocs, they must download (open), edit and re-store / re-file the document where it belongs in the claim.  
    • Form letters can not be auto-filed in eDocs when configured for remote users.  If users need to store a copy of the form letter they need to save a copy of the letter and use normal eDoc procedures ("drag and drop" or F11) after the file is saved and closed.


  • Added the 2012 CPT Fee Schedule for Ohio effective 1/1/2012
  • Added the 2011 CPT Fee Schedule for Kentucky effective 3/4/2011.  For users that need to use the Kentucky Fee schedule they must purchase a copy of the fee schedule from the state and after they receive the data on CD it can be loaded into the software.  Directions on ordering the new fee schedule can be found here:


  • The claim excel export has been updated to include a column "OSHA Claim" which will be set to TRUE if the claim has any OSHA information attached.
  • eDocs Screen Updates
    • "M" button - will merge the selected .pdf, .tif, .jpg, .doc files into a single .PDF file and display it in Adobe Acrobat where it can be printed or e-mailed.  This will not merge .docx or .xlsx files in to the new .PDF because of limitations with Adobe Acrobat.  Documents are merged into the new .PDF file in the order they appear on the screen.  This feature requires at least Adobe Acrobat Standard edition installed on the workstation - it will not work if Adobe Reader is the only .PDF software installed.
    • eDocs can be filtered by category by either right clicking on the Category column you are interested in or by using the filter icon on the bottom of the screen.  Users can clear the filter by selecting the filter icon with the red X.
    • The subject line or description of the eDoc can be changed by right clicking on the subject line of the eDoc the user wishes to change.
  • The STARS export has been updated to include
    • Exporting of Claim Notes if required
    • Exporting of eDocs list if required
    • Exporting of CMS reports
    • ICD9 cause of injury code and Date Disability began have been added to the STARS_CLAIM.TXT
    • To generate the additional exports for STARS select the appropriate check box on the export control.
  • Positive Pay file formats have been added for Wells Fargo and PNC.
  • The "Export Eligible Claims" report for CMS reporting has been revised to exclude any claims with nothing paid in the claim. 
  • Added "Load TIN Results" and "Export TIN Results" to the bottom of the EDI --> CMS Query File Menu to allow for processing of the TIN response files from CMS.  TIN files are sent with each CMS Claim file to ensure they have the latest address information for CMS clients.  TIN files contain the address information contained in the Main --> Risk Information --> Company Setup screen.  Address information on this screen should be verified with the US Post office to ensure each address is valid.
  • Added a "Verify Address" link in the Main --> Risk Information --> Company Setup screen to aid users in verifying the company address is valid. 
  • Added a "Verify Address" link to the Provider Edit Screen to aid users in verifying the address is deliverable by USPS.
  • Travelers File Export has been updated to encrypt the .txt files in addition to the .zip files that are generated.