1Oct Compensate SI VocRehab & 2023 Compensate SF PE Rates Update

Post Date: October 26, 2022

There is a new update available for both Compensate SI & SF with release notes included below. We will need the databases to be backed up and for everyone to be off Compensate SI & SF prior to performing this update.


Please let compensate_support@minutemenhr.com know of a time and date that is convenient to schedule this installation.


Release notes:

Oct 2022

Both Compensate SI and Compensate SF updates are effective 1Oct2022

o New executable

Added POS 10 to POS choices

Added MOD 93 for POS 10 per BWC Policy Alert # 2022-01 for DoS starting 1Apr2022 (CPT example 90791)

Test for usage messages by trying 

o PoS 10 with MOD 95

o PoS 02 and MOD 93

Test for proper usage 

o PoS 10 / MOD 93 and PoS 02 / MOD 95.

Reported issue: Corrected anesthesia CPT rounding error.

Request: ICD2 variable has been added to the Form letter variables to support ICD10 code in Word based Form letters. The use of ICD2 is the same as ICD1. Note that the previous edition of the instructions did not mention the ICD10_TXT variable which has been added to the instructions, but was already in the code.

See “How to Create a Document Template Form Letter Instructions.pdf” included in this release, which should be copied to the <compensate >\letters directory for your convenience.

Form letter programming for Form10a and Form10b were updated to allow for use of ICD2 if that variable is in the letter.

o Rename and hide obsolete directories in prep for removal.

o Add / change / delete VocRehab fees per BWC instructions to match effective date 1Oct2022

o Add / change / delete ICD-10 codes per BWC instructions to match effective date 1Oct2022

Compensate SF

o New executable for Compensate SF also includes

Reported issue: PA Experience Modifier fixed.

o PE PEC rates applied effective 1Jan2023

Compensate SI Updates

o New executable for Compensate SI also includes

Statute of Limitations (SoL) support for MED claims to use DoS vs last payment for MED statute of limitations for DoI starting 1Jul2020.

Prepare for testing (find a company with adequate data):

o Run Main -> Reports -> Dates -> Statute of limitations Report (Excel)

Use Statute of Limitations date range 01/01/2019 to 12/31/2029

Limit Excel DOI to Jun / Jul for 2020 (if there is no data, then pick a different company to test with since the SoL should change the Statute date for MED claims 1Jul2020 and later to use DOI vs last payment date)

Rename view dbo.checks_lastpaid to dbo.checks_lastpaid_old

Rename Programmability -> Functions -> Scalar-valued Functions dbo.fn_get_lastmed to dbo.fn_get_lastmed_old

Run sql scripts

o SI_replace_view_checks_lastpaid.sql

o SI_replace_function_fn_get_lastmed.sql

Change Testing

o Run same report as in “Prepare for Testing”

o Compare reports prior to and after the view and function change.

Those claims starting 1Jul2020 will likely have different statute dates, while those prior to 1Jul2020 will have same statute dates.

Same statute date as in report should appear when you bring up a claim or run the Claim Status Report in a claim.

Reported issue: Corrected cms files that contains TPOC 2 – 5 entries that were rejected by CMS