Compensate® SI & SF 1099 & MPPR Update effective 1Dec2023

Starting with this update, Compensate® will require the “ODBC Driver xx for SQL Server” to be installed on workstations, servers, RDP servers, and Citrix desktops that are used for working with Compensate®, and MinuteMen Technology can assist with the change to the db_setup.dbf file once those systems are updated.  The ODBC driver install is based on the system’s OS / architecture (likely 64 bit), which should install both the 32 and 64 bit drivers.

The 2023 Form 1099 update and MPPR update with training are available to be scheduled. In planning for your update, please let us know when you anticipate that your backups will be completed so that we can schedule the installation accordingly.

Compensate® MPPR Update