Claims Closed in the Period

Reporting period:  Defined by the Gather Data menu selection for Quarter Reports. 

Report valued as of: Ending date. - This report is valued as of the 2nd of the 2 dates entered when using the Gather Data menu selection for Quarter Reports

Example: If  the data for the report was being gathered on 05/17/2001, and the 2 dates used to gather data for the report were 01/01/2001 and 03/31/2001, all claim totals on the report are valued as of 03/31/2001.

Data type: Calculated totals.

Description: This report lists claims that were open at the beginning of the fiscal period and where closed by the end of the fiscal period.  Claims close during the period if they have had all of the medical/expense and indemnity reserve money removed either by payments or by reserve adjustments.


Note : This report is ordered so the claims with the biggest change in reserves are at the top of the report.