E-mail Reports - Button Not Active

Post date: Oct 18, 2010 7:18:18 PM

All Compensate software requires a printer named "Compensate PS" to be installed on the workstation to be able to email reports.  The required answers for the create printer wizard on your workstation are:

To use the e-mail feature in Compensate® you will need to set up a Compensate printer on each workstation.

Proceed as follows:

1. In the windows desktop click the start button and select printers and faxes

2. If you don’t see a printer with the name Compensate PS then create one as follows

    a. click add a printer

    b. in the welcome screen click next

    c. select Local printer attached to this computer (do not select automatically detect) click next

    d. select use the following port (LPT1: (recommend printer port)… click next

    e. from the manufacturer list select HP

    f. from the printers list select HP Color LaserJet (any model) PS Example HP color LaserJet 4550 PS

     (what ever printer you choose must have the suffix PS) … click next

    g. In the printer name field change the printer name to Compensate PS… default printer is NO … click next

    h. Click do not share this printer … click next

    i. print a test page on NO… click next

    j. Completing the add printer wizard screen click finish.

Open Compensate®… you will now find the e-mail icons active