2023 1099 Update

Post Date: November 29, 2022

As we head towards the upcoming holidays, Alton Risk Consulting wishes you and yours Happy Holidays, and would like to bring you up to date on what’s on the short-term horizon (there are some updates heading your way).

Compensate® SI 1099 Reporting

1099 reporting is just around the corner, and we are ready to distribute the updates to you.   Please schedule your update.

Now might be a good time for you to start reviewing & updating your provider information, vs spending time later dealing with “*** NOT ON FILE ***” messages, by using Menu -> Year End -> 1099 -> “Raw Data Audit” thru “Export 1099 Providers to Excel” reports.

The deadline for Alton Risk Consulting to assist with electronic filing your information requires your information to be in your BOX folder by 24Jan2023 to allow us time to submit your files to IRS by 31Jan2023.  Alton Risk Consulting will not be altering any files/data.

The instructions for creating MISC and NEC forms are in the 1099 distribution package for Compensate® SI.

Regulatory Update effective dates (which may or may not include a new executable file):

Jan 1 1099, Professional Provider, Always Therapy

Feb1 Hospital Inpatient

May 1 hospital outpatient & ambulatory surgical

Oct 1 ICD-10 and VocRehab 

BWC does not always provide “final” data for these updates prior to the effective date.

BWC may also provide ‘off-cycle’ updates or alerts during the year.

Bug fixes and feature improvements:

Bug fixes are generally provided soon after being able to reproduce the problem.  Sometimes in order to reproduce the problem Alton Risk will require a copy of your database.

MPPR indicators

a. This has been a problem for everyone since Laforest created Compensate®.   Laforest may have coded MPPR processing for a single indicator 5 line item, but did not include processing for other indicators, or multiple procedures for services provided on the same day by the same service provider.  Unfortunately this has impacted everyone in becoming creative in how you process invoices to arrive at the correct discounted rates.  We are in the process of making corrections to MPPR indicator 5 and implementing processing for indicators 2 and 4, so once implemented the workarounds for these 3 indicators should no longer be necessary.  Please provide your input on which other MPPR indicators you regularly process so we can schedule that work.

b. The MPPR data still needs to be analyzed to determine how often the Compensate® tables need to be updated.

Other work not covered in Maintenance and Support as T&M:

Conversions – we anticipate moving to a significantly faster and more price effective option for a variety of formats for your 2023 conversions.  We are truly sorry this became a problem when bidding for business.  Please engage us in conversation on the data formats the data is currently in, and award decision date, so that we can determine how well we will be able to support you.

Positive Pay – if your clients turn towards using this processing option and the format is not already available, we can assist.

Assistance with your data related issues where Compensate® is operating properly.  This may include server related issues, or other external to Compensate® data issues.

I encourage you to reach out to compensate_support@minutemenhr.com with any questions or comments sooner vs later.

Happy Holidays!!