Compensate SF BWC Tapes

Post Date: March 3, 2022

A new version of the Compensate SF executable is available.

Below are the details for this new update and some additional information on what the next Compensate SI update will also include when it is ready:

For Compensate SF:

We have had several customers report that they have been receiving a BWC PIRS error message indicating that there is a renaming issue during file load processing.  Thank you for reporting this.

o We believe we have discovered the root cause for this and are ready to distribute a replacement Compensate SF executable to fix this problem.

For those that use Compensate SF for CMS interactions, this release also changes the CMS behavior to how it operates in Compensate SI, which eliminates the “TOP 80” record situation Compensate SF currently uses.  It also enables the CMS menus for any company that has a RRE assignment, which eliminates the need for any workaround Alton provided.


For Compensate SI:

In the next Compensate SI executable, we will be enhancing the stars export as well as providing fix to Stars transaction constraint.

Stars transaction data was not previously constrained properly to the date range provided.  This has now been fixed.

Export for the sides list which has been in use in Compensate, but was missing from the stars export, is now being created.  

Including sides export allows that those references be in the claims export as well.  

We also found that CODE field size in many databases had expanded from 2 to 3 characters so have made that reporting adjustment too.  If you currently have a CODE limitation of 2 characters, and feel you would like to expand your database lists to include a 3rd character, please reach out.

We currently expect to distribute this along with the May hospital outpatient and ambulatory surgical fees update, but if you need it sooner feel free to reach out with a request.

We know that many of you provide Stars exports to many of your clients, so please send them the new “stars_spec_02122022.xls” workbook, and call attention to notes on both “star_claims.txt” and “code structure” worksheets so that they can prepare for these changes, and also add this workbook to your “<Compensate_SI>\exports” directory for your future reference.