May Fee Updates - Ambulatory Surgical and Hospital Outpatient

Post Date: August 14, 2023

The 2023 Compensate® SI & SF May Fee updates are ready to be installed. Please email to schedule your installation.


Release notes:



• Deployment delayed due to BWC file issues.

• Table tb_cpt_oh columns added to support FB/FC fees and MPPR implementation – MPPR code is under test – training & release will be available soon.

• 2023 OPPS adjustments for MOD PO and JG.

• 2023 OPPS and ASC fee adjustments.

• 2023 ASC implementation of FC/FB modifiers

• update to SQL view tb_cpt_oh_all

• update to F1 Help Center references


CompensateSI – version 6.6.14


CompensateSF – version 6.5.17


Available Soon (not in this version).