CMS Claim Reports

Which claims need to be reported?

When do I need to report settlements (LSS) ?

What do I do when I receive a settlement?

When do I file "Change Reports" ?

When do I file "Delete Reports" ?

How can I see / print the reports I am going to send?

How can I see the results from the last quarterly submission?

Does someone who was just awarded SSDI need to be put on the report even though they weren't on the last query and don't show up as an eligible claim?

When do I send the claim reports to CMS?

What if I have nothing to report for an RRE in a quarter?

How long does it take for results to come back from CMS?

How does the Date of Death get filled in on the "Export Eligible Claims"?

When do I run the "Export Results"?

When do I run the "Export Pending Reports"?

Additional information on CMS reporting is found in the CMS Users Guide for Non-Group Health reporters.